we hope you had a good start into the new year 2023!

We would like to inform you that SWITCHdrive will be updated to a new version in about 3.5 weeks from now. As agreed with you during the last Working Group meeting, we will do this SWITCHdrive update not on a Saturday, but on a workday evening/night. The chosen date is after the week of exams (indicated in red) and before the start of the spring semester on Feb-20-2023 (indicated in green in the jpg below)

Please be aware that SWITCHdrive won’t be available on Wednesday evening, February 8th 2023, from 17:00 to Thursday, February 9th 2023, 12:00 latest due to maintenance on its servers.

SWITCHdrive users who have installed the SWITCHdrive Sync Client can still work with their local files stored in their switchdrive folder. SWITCHdrive users who only access their files only via Web-Client or want to co-edit files in OnlyOffice have to wait until SWITCHdrive becomes available again (which could be somewhen in the morning when everything runs as expected).

During the update, we will use the Status page of SWITCHdrive (see https://help.switch.ch/drive/current-status/ ) and Twitter (see https://twitter.com/switchdrive_op/ ) for running information. In the unlikely event of rolling back to the previous version, we would inform via Status page, Twitter and via this mailing list about the actual situation and if we need to extend the maintenance window.

Please inform your SWITCHdrive users about this upcoming service interruption. If everything is working fine as expected, there won’t be any further mailings. You can continue to use SWITCHdrive as soon as the service becomes available again. If you experience any problem after the update, please send a support ticket to: drive-support@switch.ch

A short summary of the new features in SWITCHdrive and of the web office application OnlyOffice will be published on our webpage, see https://help.switch.ch/drive/what-is-new-in-switchdrive/

best regards

Urs Schmid